Contemporary Mathematicians

Nigel J. Kalton Selecta

Editors: Gesztesy, F., Godefroy, G., Grafakos, L., Verbitsky, I. (Eds.)

  • Presents Nigel Kalton’s most influential articles
  • Features comments by a panel of leading experts
  • Presents some of his unpublished work for the first time
  • Provides a useful guide to contemporary analysis
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About this book

This two-volume set gathers a selection of 49 articles that illustrate the depth, breadth and scope of Nigel Kalton’s research. Each article is accompanied by comments from an expert on the respective topic, which serves to situate the article in its proper context, to successfully link past, present and hopefully future developments of the theory and to help readers grasp the extent of Kalton’s accomplishments. Kalton’s work represents a bridge to the mathematics of tomorrow and this book will help readers to cross it.

Nigel Kalton (1946-2010) was an extraordinary mathematician who made major contributions to an amazingly diverse range of fields over the course of his career.

About the authors

Fritz Gesztesy works in areas of Mathematical Physics with emphasis on Spectral Theory and Differential Operators.

Gilles Godefroy works in functional analysis, and particularly in geometry of Banach spaces.

Loukas Grafakos works in the area of Fourier Analysis and Applications.

Igor Verbitsky works in the areas of Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.

Buy this book

Hardcover $299.99
price for USA

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Contemporary Mathematicians
Birkhäuser Basel
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