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e-Business and Telecommunication Networks

By João Ascenso , Luminita Vasiu , Carlos Belo , Mónica Saramago

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4020-4760-2
  • 312 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2006
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Full Description
This book contains the best papers of the First International Conference on e-Business and Telecommunication Networks (ICETE 2004), held in Setúbal (Portugal). The conference was organized by INSTICC (Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Communication and Control) in collaboration with the School of Business of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, who hosted the event. This conference represented a major initiative to increase the technical exchanges among professionals, who work in the e-Business and Telecommunication Networks fields, and who are implementing new services and technologies affecting the lives of ordinary consumers. The major goal of this conference was to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry working in areas related to e-Business, with a special focus on Telecommunication Networks. Four simultaneous tracks were held, covering different aspects, including: 'Global Communication Information Systems and Services', 'Security and Reliability in Information Systems and Networks', 'Wireless Communication Systems and Networks' and 'Multimedia Signal Processing'. The sections of this book reflect the conference tracks.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Preface. Conference Committee. Invited papers. Data mining techniques for security of web services; M. Malek and F. Harmantzis. Towards an alternative way of verifying proxy objects in jini; N. Papamichail and L. Vasiu. An experimental performance analysis study of loss rate and jitter characteristics in wireless networks; M. S. Obaidat and Yulian Wang. On the survivability of wdm optical networks; Y. Luo et al. Sigma: a transport layer mobility management scheme for terrestrial and space networks; S. Fu and M. Atiquzzaman. PART 1
  2. Global Communication Information Systems and Services. A decentralized location service: Applying P2P technology for picking replicas on replicated services; L. Bernardo and P. Pinto. E
  3. macsc: a novel dynamic cache tuning technique to maintain the hit ratio prescribed by the user in internet applications; R.S.L. Wu et al. Efficient information retrieval from handheld terminals with wireless digital phone interface: personalized information access on mobile phones and PDAs; H. Weghorn. Secure web browsing over long
  4. delay broadband networks: recommendations for web browsers; D. Dillon et al. Experimental based tool calibration used for assessing the quality of e
  5. commerce systems; A. Stefani et al. Gender differences in online shoppers’ decision
  6. making styles; C. Yang and C.C. Wu. Design and evaluation of the home network systems using the service oriented architecture; H. Igaki et al. PART 2 – Security and reliability in information systems and networks. New non
  7. adaptive distributed system
  8. level diagnosis methods for computer networks; H. Masuyama and K. Watanabe. Gsm and gprs performance of ipsec data communication; G. Me et al. Practival auditability in trusted messaging systems; M. Reis et al. Towards an adaptive packet marking scheme for ip traceback; P. Yan and M.C. Lee. Baseline tohelp with network management; M.L. Proenca Jr. et al. Network
  9. based intrusion detection systems evaluation through a short term experimental script; L.L. Fagundes and L.P. Gaspary. A single sign
  10. on protocol for distributed web applications based on standard internet mechanisms; J. Gantner et al. PART 3 – Wireless communication systems and networks. Adjacent channel interference: impact on the capacity of wcdma/fdd networks; D. Figueiredo et al. Care
  11. of
  12. prefix routing for moving networks in mobile ip network; T. Suzuki et al. Service integration between wireless systems: a core
  13. level approach to internetworking; P. Pinto et al. Spur: a secured protocol for umts registration; M. Abdelkader and N. Boudriga. Providing qos in 3g
  14. wlan environment with rsvp and diffserv; E. Wallenius et al. Fast Mobile ipv6 approach for wireless lan based networks: link
  15. layer triggering support for ieee 802.11; N. Jordan and A. Poropatich. Cdma2000 1x capacity decrease by power control error in high speed train environment; S. Shin et al. Ugsp: authentication based secure protocol for ad
  16. hoc networks; N. Arora and R.K. Shyamasundar. PART 4 – Multimedia signal processing. Image authentication using hierarchical semi
  17. fragile watermarks; Y
  18. L Tang and C.
  19. H. Chen. Deployment of live
  20. video services based on streaming technology over an hfc network; D. Melendi et al. Hardware
  21. oriented analysis of the arithmetic coding – comparative study of jpeg2000 and h.264/avc compression standards; G. Pastuszak. Audio watermarking quality evaluation; A.G. Acevedo. Compression of hyperspectral imagery via linear prediction; F. Rizzo et al. Bayer pattern compression by prediction errors; A. Buemi et al. Application level session hand
  22. off management in a ubiquitous multimedia environment; L. Rong and I. Burnett. Author index.

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