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What Managers Need to Know to Profit from the Big Data Revolution


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Big Data Bootcamp provides insight into the
very latest technologies, companies, and advancements in this exciting area—showing
the way for those who want to start new companies, create winning products, attain operational efficiencies, and establish effective marketing programs.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-484200-41-4
  • 225 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publishing September 2, 2014, but available now as part of the Alpha Program
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF
  • Print Book Price: $39.99
  • eBook Price: $27.99

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Full Description

"Big Data Bootcamp is a must-read for anyone interested in big data." Brad Feld, venture capitalist and bestselling author.

Investors and technology gurus have called big data one of the most important trends to come along in decades. In this intense, limited engagement that covers all the fundamentals--much like bootcamp--Big Data Bootcamp explains what big data is and how you can use it in your company to become one of tomorrow’s market leaders. Along the way, it explains the very latest technologies, companies, and advancements .

Big data holds the keys to delivering better customer service, offering more attractive products and marketing them better, and unlocking innovation. That's why, to remain competitive, every organization should become a big data company. It's also why every manager and technology professional should become knowledgeable about big data and how it is transforming not just their own industries but the global economy.

And that knowledge is just what this book delivers. It explains components of big data like Hadoop and NoSQL databases; how big data is compiled, queried, and analyzed; how to create a big data application; and the business sectors ripe for big data-inspired products and services like retail, healthcare, finance, and education. Best of all, your guide is David Feinleib, renowned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author of Why Startups Fail. Feinleib’s Big Data Landscape, a market map featured and explained in the book, is an industry benchmark that has been viewed more than 150,000 times and is used as a reference by VMWare, Dell, Intel, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, and many other organizations. Feinleib also explains:

  • Why every businessperson needs to understand the fundamentals of big data or get run over by those who do.

  • How big data differs from traditional database management systems
  • How to create and run a big data project
  • The technical details powering the big data revolution

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 executive or the proprietor of a restaurant or web design studio, Big Data Bootcamp will explain how you can take full advantage of new technologies to transform your company and your career.

What you’ll learn

  • Which big data technologies are the most compelling and how to get started using them

  • How the intersection of big data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies is opening up huge new markets and opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing businesses alike
  • How to find and put to use valuable data sets
  • How marketers can use big data applications to pinpoint and appeal to the most likely customers

  • How to make much better decisions using big data

Who this book is for

The target audience for this book is business and IT professionals, investors, managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, and government officials.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Why We Still Can’t Predict Earthquakes—But Might Be Able to Soon

  • Good Predictions Aren’t Good Enough
  • Enter Big Data: Speedier Warnings and Lives Saved
  • Big Data Overview
  • How Data Makes Us Smarter
  • Data and the Brain
  • Big Data Makes Computers Smarter and More Efficient
  • How Big Data Helps Cars Drive Themselves
  • How Big Data Enables Computers to Detect Fraud
  • Better Decisions Through Big Data

Chapter One

Big Data: What It Is and Why You Should Care

  • Big Data Overview
  • The Crossover Year for Big Data
  • How Google Puts Big Data Initiatives to Work
  • Big Data Powers Amazon’s Quest to Become the World’s Largest Retailer
  • Big Data Finally Delivers the Information Advantage
  • What Big Data Is Disrupting
  • Big Data Applications Changing Your Work Day
  • Big Data Enables the Move to Real Time

Chapter Two

The Big Data Landscape

  • Big Data Market Growth
  • The Role of Open Source
  • Enter the Cloud
  • Overcoming the Challenges of the Cloud
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Big Data Applications
  • Online Advertising Applications
  • Sales and Marketing Applications
  • Visualization Applications
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Data as a Service
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Privacy
  • Landscape Futures

Chapter Three

Your Big Data Roadmap

  • Big Data: Where to Start
  • Goodbye SQL, Hello NoSQL
  • Compiling and Querying Big Data
  • Big Data Analysis: Getting What You Want
  • Big Data Analytics: Interpreting What You Get
  • Should I Throw Out My RDBMS?
  • Big Data Hardware
  • Data Scientists and Data Admins: Big Data Managers
  • Chief Data Officer: Big Data Owner
  • Your Big Data Vision

Chapter Four

Big Data at Work: How Data Informs Design

  • How Data Informs Design at Facebook
  • Apple Defines Design
  • Big Data in Game Design
  • Better Cars with Big Data
  • Big Data and Music
  • Big Data and Architecture
  • Data-Driven Design
  • Big Data in Better Website Design

Chapter Five

Data Visualization: Why a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

  • How Big Data Helps Tell the Story
  • Trend Spotting Through Data Visualization
  • Using Visualization to Compress Knowledge
  • Why Visual Information Is So Powerful
  • Images and the Power of Sharing
  • Putting Public Datasets to Use
  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Why Understanding Images Is Easy for Us and Hard for Computers
  • The Psychology and Physiology of Visualization
  • The Visualization Multiplier Effect

Chapter Six

The Intersection of Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud Computing

  • How to Get Started with Big Data
  • The Latest Cloud-Based Big Data Technologies
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Public and Private Cloud Approaches to Big Data
  • How Big Data Is Changing Mobile
  • How to Build Your Own Big Data Application

Chapter Seven

Doing a Big Data Project

  • Define the Outcome
  • Identify Who You Need to Make It Happen
  • Identify Resources
  • Get Moving
  • Check the Results
  • Refine the Effort
  • Act on the Data
  • Case Study

Chapter Eight

The Next Billion-Dollar IPO: Big Data Entrepreneurship

  • Billy Beane and Big Data
  • Why Being Data-Driven Is Hard
  • Hearing the Signal and Ignoring the Noise
  • The Big Data Feedback Loop: Acting on Data
  • Achieving Minimum Data Scale
  • Creating Big Data Applications
  • The Rise of the Big Data Asset—The Heart of a Big Data Startup
  • What It Takes to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
  • Investment Trends: Niche Opportunities Abound
  • Big Data ‘Whitespace’ You Can Fill In
  • Big Data Business Models

Chapter Eight

Reaching More Customers with Better Data—and Products

  • How Big Data Creates a Conversation Between Company and Customer
  • Better Marketing with Big Data
  • Big Data and the CMO
  • Big Data Marketing in Action
  • Marketing Meets the Machine: Automating Marketing
  • The Big Data Content Engine
  • The New PR: Big Data and Content Marketing
  • Crowdsource Your Way to Big Data Scale
  • Every Company Is Now a Media Company
  • Measuring the Results

Chapter Nine

How Big Data Is Changing the Way We Live: Sectors Ripe for Big Data Projects

  • Personal Health Applications
  • Big Data and the Doctor
  • Big Data and Health Cures
  • Big Data and Where We Live: Energy, Leisure, and Smart Cities
  • Big Data in Retail
  • Big Data in Finance
  • The Mobile Future

Chapter Ten

Big Data Opportunities in Education

  • Big Data Learning Analytics
  • Adaptive Learning Systems
  • Putting Education Online
  • How Big Data Changes the Economics Of Education
  • Using Big Data to Track Performance
  • How Big Data Deciphers What We Learn
  • Using Big Data to Speed Language Acquisition and Math Skill
  • Dealing with Data Overload: How Big Data Helps Digest and Filter Information

Chapter Eleven

Capstone Case Study: Big Data Meets Romance

  • Products, Services, and Love: How Big Data Plays Out in the Real World
  • Big Data and Online Dating
  • How Big Data Outs Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
  • Using Big Data to Find the Missing Data
  • Predicting Marriage Success with Big Data
  • How Facebook Is Shaping Relationships
  • How Big Data Increases—and Decreases—Social Capital
  • Big Data And Romance: What the Future Holds

Appendix: Big Data Resources

General Information

Big Data Software

Big Data Hardware

Big Data Glossary


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