Cognition, Communication and Interaction

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Interactive Technology

By Satinder P. Gill

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-8462-8926-2
  • 616 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: October 26, 2007
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
Cognition, Communication and Interaction examines the theoretical and methodological research issues that underlie the design and use of interactive technology. Present interactive designs are addressing the multi-modality of human interaction and the multi-sensory dimension of how we engage with each other. This book aims to provide a trans-disciplinary research framework and methodology for interaction design. The analysis directs attention to three human capacities that our engagement with interactive technology has made salient and open to constant redefinition. These capacities are human cognition, communication and interaction. In this book examination of these capacities is embedded in understanding the following foundations for design: concepts of “communication and interaction” and their application (Part 1); conceptions of “knowledge and cognition” (Part 2); the role of aesthetics and ethics in design (Part 3).
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Communication and Interaction.
  2. Knowledge as Embodied Performance.
  3. Cognitive Technology.
  4. Knowledge in Co
  5. Action.
  6. Degrees of Engagement in Interactive Workspaces.
  7. The Nature of Virtual Communities.
  8. 'Use' Discourses in System Development.
  9. A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design.
  10. 'CSCW' Design Reconceptualised through Science Studies.
  11. Designing for Workplace Learning.
  12. The Narrative Apsect of Scenario Building.
  13. Narration, Discourse and Dialogue.
  14. Rethinking the Interaction Architecture.
  15. Towards a General Theory of the Artificial.
  16. Part 2: Knowledge and Cognition.
  17. The Socratic and Platonic Basis of Cognitivism.
  18. Cockpit Cognition.
  19. Two Legs, Thing Using and Talking.
  20. Rule
  21. Following and Tacit Knowledge.
  22. Seeing and Seeing
  23. As.
  24. The Practice of the Use of Computers.
  25. The Contribution of Tacit Knowledge to Innovation.
  26. The Nurse as an Engineer.
  27. The Role of 'Craft Language' in Learning 'Waza'.
  28. Building a Pedagogy around Action and Emotion.
  29. Part 3: Aesthetics, Ethics and Design.
  30. Ethics and Intellectual Structures.
  31. Organisational Spaces and Intelligent Machines.
  32. On the Human
  33. Machine Symbiosis.
  34. What Goes on when a Designer Thinks?
  35. Multimedia Archiving of Technological Change in a Traditional Creative Industry.
  36. Databases are Us.
  37. Leonardo's Choice.
  38. Poetics of Performance Space.
  39. Ethics is Fragile, Goodness is Not.

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