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Computers and Education: Towards Educational Change and Innovation

By Antonio Jose Mendes , Isabel Pereira , Rogerio Costa

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-8462-8928-6
  • 304 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: November 19, 2007
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
This volume contains a selection of papers covering the latest research and experiences on the application of Information and Communication Technologies in the field of Education. Areas covered include: Design, development and evaluation of innovative educational environments - Web based courses, tools and resources - ICT in special education - Collaborative learning - Distance learning supported by ICTechnologies - E-Learning in Higher Education - Innovative experiments using ICT in educational context - Methodologies for ICT use in educational context - Social aspects of the utilization of ICT in education - Educational applications of ubiquitous computing. An important book for researchers and practitioners in e-learning, computer-based education, educational software, distributed learning, lifelong learning and open and distance learning; as well as developers and users of educational software and computer-mediated educational tools.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Applications of Adaptive Hypermedia in Education.
  2. Protocols of Coordination and Structured Communication in Synchronous CSCL Environments.
  3. Components of an EML Proposal for Collaborative Learning Modeling.
  4. Analysis of Engaged Online Collaborative Discourse: A Methodological Approach.
  5. Adding Constraints to a Virtual Course Using a Formal Approach to the Interactions in Collaborative Learning.
  6. An Experiment in Collaborative Writing.
  7. The ‘Contract’ as a Pedagogical Tool in e
  8. Learning.
  9. Development of a Personalized e
  10. Learning Experience Based on IMS Standard Technologies.
  11. e
  12. QUAL: e
  13. Learning With Quality. Proposal for an Evaluation Model on the Quality of e
  14. Learning Courses.
  15. Pedagogical Approaches for Online Environments.
  16. Contextual Online Learning Model: A Proposal.
  17. School Web Pages and Writing: From Product Exhibition to Knowledge Construction.
  18. Taking Advantage of the Web in the Portuguese Class: an Experience.
  19. Kitchen Science: Through the Window of the Web.
  20. Development and Experience in Teaching Biochemistry with a Multimedia Study Environment.
  21. An Educative Application Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Learning of Inheritance in Oriented
  22. Object Programming.
  23. Visualization and Role
  24. play to Teach Object
  25. Oriented Programming.
  26. Making Concept Maps Available on the Web to the Students.
  27. The Web as a Means of Promoting Reading and Writing Habits: The Netescrit@ Project.
  28. Usage of the AWLA Online Writing Resource for Language Learning.
  29. A WebQuest about Tuthankamen.
  30. Blogs: A Teaching Resource and a Pedagogical Strategy.
  31. An Ontology Based Semantic System for Mathematical Problem Solving.
  32. LOMEditor: Composition and Classification of Learning Objects.
  33. Arguing On
  34. line in Order to Learn How to Argue.
  35. Use of ICT and Project Work in Teacher Training at the Public School System.
  36. The Production of Internet Pages by Visual Impaired PSENs through a Computer Mediated Distance Learning Program.

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