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Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics

By John Vince

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The author tackles this complex subject of Geometric algebra (a Clifford Algebra) with inimitable style, and provides an accessible and very readable introduction. The book is filled with lots of clear examples and is very well illustrated.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-8462-8996-5
  • 272 Pages
  • User Level: Students
  • Publication Date: February 10, 2008
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
Geometric algebra (a Clifford Algebra) has been applied to different branches of physics for a long time but is now being adopted by the computer graphics community and is providing exciting new ways of solving 3D geometric problems. John Vince (author of numerous books including ‘Geometry for Computer Graphics’ and ‘Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics’) has tackled this complex subject in his usual inimitable style, and provided an accessible and very readable introduction. As well as putting geometric algebra into its historical context, John tackles complex numbers and quaternions; the nature of wedge product and geometric product; reflections and rotations (showing how geometric algebra can offer a powerful way of describing orientations of objects and virtual cameras); and how to implement lines, planes, volumes and intersections. Introductory chapters also look at algebraic axioms, vector algebra and geometric conventions and the book closes with a chapter on how the algebra is applied to computer graphics.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. Elementary Algebra.
  3. Complex Algebra.
  4. Vector Algebra.
  5. Quaternion Algebra.
  6. Geometric Conventions.
  7. History of Geometric Algebra.
  8. The Geometric Product.
  9. Reflections and Rotations.
  10. Geometric Algebra and Geometry.
  11. Conformal Geometry.
  12. Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Graphics.
  13. Programming Tools for Geometric Algebra.
  14. Conclusion.
  15. References.

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