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Spatial Data on the Web

Modeling and Management

By Alberto Belussi , Barbara Catania , Eliseo Clementini , Elena Ferrari

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-5406-9877-7
  • 326 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2007
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Full Description
Spatial data is essential in a wide range of application domains today. While geographical applications remain the key target area, spatial properties are required in other contexts such as computer-aided design, robotics and image processing. Associated with these is the constantly growing number of distributed processing architectures, based on, for example, grid systems, sensor data networks, and personalized smart devices. Spatial Data on the Web links these two research streams, focusing on the modeling and management of spatial data in distributed systems. Belussi and his coeditors have structured the contributions from internationally renowned researchers into four parts. Part I presents models for representing semistructured, multiresolution and multiscale data; Part II deals with the integration of spatial data sources; Part III describes approaches to spatial data protection; and, finally, Part IV reports innovative applications for mobile devices. The book offers researchers in academia and industry an excellent overview of the state of the art in modeling and management of spatial data in distributed environments, while it may also be the basis of specialized courses on Web-based geographical information systems.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Spatial Data on the Web: Issues and Challenges (A.Belussi, B.Catania, E.Clementini, E.Ferrari).
  2. Part I: Models for Representing Spatial Semi
  3. structured, Multi
  4. resolution, Multi
  5. scale Data.
  6. GeoMTGM: A Graphical Data Model for Semi
  7. structured, Geographical, and Temporal Data (C.Combi, S.Migliorini, B.Oliboni, A.Belussi)
  8. Out
  9. of
  10. core Multi
  11. resolution Terrain Modeling (E.Danovaro, L.De Floriani, E.Puppo, H.Samet)
  12. Progressive Techniques for Efficient Vector Map Data Transmission: An Overview (M.Bertolotto)
  13. Model Generalization and Methods for Effective Query Processing and Visualization in a Web Service/Client Architecture (M.de Vries, P.van Oosterom).
  14. Part II: Integration of Spatial Data Sources.
  15. Automated Geographical Imformation Fusion and Ontology Alignment (M.Duckham, M.Worboys)
  16. A Quality Enabled Spatial Integration System (O.Boucelma, M.Essid, Y.Lassoued)
  17. Using Qualitative Information in Query Processing over Multi
  18. resolution Maps (P.Podestà, B.Catania, A.Belussi).
  19. Part III: Spatial Data Protection.
  20. Access Control Systems for Geo
  21. spatial Data and Applications (M.L.Damiani, E.Bertino)
  22. Secure Outsourcing of Geographical Data over the Web: Techniques and Architectures (B.Carminati, E.Ferrari)
  23. Information Hiding for Spatial and Geographical Data (M.Calagna, L.V.Mancini).
  24. Part IV: Innovative Application for Mobile Devices.
  25. Geographical Data Visualization on Mobile Devices for User's Navigation and Decision Support Activities (S.Burigat, L.Chittaro)
  26. Tracking of Moving Objects with Accuracy Guarantees (A.Civilis, Ch.S.Jensen, S.Pakalnis).
  27. Index.

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