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Advanced Planning in Supply Chains

Illustrating the Concepts Using an SAP® APO Case Study

By Hartmut Stadtler , Bernhard Fleischmann , Martin Grunow , Herbert Meyr , Christopher Sürie

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This book explores Advanced Planning Systems (APS), and bridges the gap between theory, software implementation and adaptation to the unifying framework of a specific business case. Includes downloadable interactive learning units for each module of SAP´s APS.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-6422-4214-4
  • 313 Pages
  • Publication Date: October 26, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
Advanced Planning Systems (APS) are a key enabler of the supply chain management. However, APS are highly complex and difficult to comprehend. This book provides students with valuable insights into the capabilities of state-of-the-art APS and bridges the gap between theory (model building and solution algorithms), software implementation, and adaptation to a specific business case. Our business case – named Frutado – provides a unifying framework for illustrating the different planning tasks that arise in a company – from demand planning to the distribution of goods – that are addressed by APS. In addition, the book guides through interactive learning units which have been created and recorded for each module of SAP´s APS. Learning units can be downloaded free of charge ready to be displayed in a web browser. Together, the textbook and the learning units provide the required skills to better understand the concepts, models, and algorithms underlying today´s APS.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Preface.
  2. Introduction (Hartmut Stadtler, Christopher Haub)
  3. Part I.
  4. 1 The Frutado Case 11 (Bernhard Fleischmann).
  5. 2 Hierarchical Planning and the Supply Chain Planning Matrix (Hartmut Stadtler, Bernhard Fleischmann).
  6. 3 SAP® APO
  7. Module Matrix and General Principles (Christopher Sürie).
  8. Part II.
  9. 4 Demand Planning (DP) (Herbert Meyr).
  10. 5 Master Planning
  11. Supply Network Planning (Hartmut Stadtler).
  12. 6 Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) (Hartmut Stadtler, Christopher Sürie).
  13. 7 Global Available
  14. to
  15. Promise (global ATP) (Bernhard Fleischmann, Sebastian Geier).
  16. 8 Deployment (Martin Grunow, Poorya Farahani).
  17. 9 Transportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS) (Martin Grunow, Bryndís Stefánsdóttir).
  18. Part III.
  19. 10 Final Remarks (Hartmut Stadtler).
  20. Index.
  21. About Contributors.

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