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Globalization of Professional Services

Innovative Strategies, Successful Processes, Inspired Talent Management, and First-Hand Experiences

By Ulrich Bäumer , Peter Kreutter , Wolfgang Messner

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This book views organizational change as the relationship between structure, strategy, systems, style, skills, staff and superordinate goals, introducing the 7-S Model as a framework helping to diagnose and solve organizational problems in a holistic manner.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-6422-9180-7
  • 293 Pages
  • User Level: Professionals
  • Publication Date: June 5, 2012
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
In the past, services had a strong local and national focus. Professional services were very likely to be independently and autonomously organized from country to country in order to cater to local needs and local legal requirements. This has since changed radically, and highly integrated business and delivery models around the globe have become the status quo in clients’ businesses and strategies. Serving clients on a global level requires professional services firms to adopt a structural change from local to distributed global sales and delivery. This book brings together many years of experience, current perspectives and future ideas of international business practitioners, academics, and market researchers. Along those lines it is structured into four parts. Part I “Winning Strategies and Innovative Ideas” lays the book’s foundation: it discusses core strategies behind the globalization movement and introduces the major paradigms and ideas. Part II “Successful Processes for Realization” provides solutions for how to establish successful processes for delivering global professional services. Part III “Inspired Talent Management” goes to the core of the professional services industry: attracting, developing, and keeping the right talent in the right locations. Finally, Part IV offers “Experiences and Case Studies” on all aspects related to successfully building a globalized professional services firm. In short, this handbook provides professional services firms and their clients alike with a sound foundation for responding strategically to fundamental global changes and turning them into business advantages. It offers a comprehensive perspective of why and how to successfully globalize a professional services firm.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Responding Strategically to Fundamental Changes in Professional Services: Aim and Scope of the Book.
  2. Part I: Winning Strategies and Innovative Ideas.
  3. Consolidation Patterns in the IT Outsourcing Market – Past, Present, and Future.
  4. Market Entry and Expansion Strategies of Indian IT Firms into the European IT Oursourcing Industry.
  5. Global Sourcing – Shifting the Focus from Cost Saving to a Strategic Setup.
  6. Strategically Organizing for Innovation in Global Sourcing.
  7. Making Business Smart: How to Position for Business as a Service.
  8. Taking an Active M&A Role in the Consolidation of the Engineering Sector.
  9. Part II: Successful Processes for Realisation.
  10. Balancing Industrialisation and Business Complexities.
  11. Industrialization Lessons for the European Banking IT.
  12. Lean Management and Operations in the Global Professional Services Industry.
  13. Transforming into a Networked Organization to Empower a Distributed Workforce.
  14. Legal Frameworks for IT Outsourcing and Global Sourcing: A Comparative Approach from the Indian, Anglo/American and German Legal Perspective.
  15. Service Analytics – Leveraging Data across Enterprise Boundaries for Competitive Advantage.
  16. Customer’s Power and its Implications for Business and IT Integration.
  17. Part III: Inspired Talent Management.
  18. Successful People Strategies for Innovation in Global Delivery and Virtual Teams.
  19. Diversity and Inclusion – A Business Imperative in Global Professional Services.
  20. Advancing Competencies for Intercultural Collaboration in Distributed Service Delivery.
  21. Emerging Economy – Emerging Talent.
  22. Part IV: Experiences and Case Studies.
  23. Emerging Markets from an Indian Perspective: Focus on Germanic Countries.
  24. Transformation Journey from Offshore Service Provider to Global Innovator.
  25. Departments in Transition: How Businesses Organise their Knowledge Work.
  26. Internationalizing the Departments for Devices and Accessories of a Communications Technology Company.

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