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Computer Viruses and Malware

By John Aycock

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Computer Viruses and Malware Cover Image

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  • ISBN13: 978-0-3873-0236-2
  • 244 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: September 19, 2006
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
Our Internet-connected society increasingly relies on computers. As a result, attacks on computers from malicious software have never been a bigger concern. Computer Viruses and Malware draws together hundreds of sources to provide an unprecedented view of malicious software and its countermeasures. This book discusses both the technical and human factors involved in computer viruses, worms, and anti-virus software. It also looks at the application of malicious software to computer crime and information warfare. Computer Viruses and Malware is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This book is also suitable as a secondary text for advanced-level students in computer science.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Preface.
  2. We’ve Got Problems.
  3. Definitions and Timeline.
  4. Viruses.
  5. Anti
  6. Virus Techniques.
  7. Anti
  8. Anti
  9. Virus Techniques.
  10. Weaknesses Exploited.
  11. Worms.
  12. Deworming.
  13. 'Applications'.
  14. People and Communities.
  15. What Should We Do?.
  16. References.
  17. Index.

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