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Advanced Digital Preservation

By David Giaretta

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Addressing advanced issues of digital preservation, beyond keeping the bits and the ability to render, this book explores concepts of understandability, usability and interoperability for digital objects, as well as concerns over issues such as authenticity.

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-6421-6808-6
  • 532 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2011
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Full Description
There is growing recognition of the need to address the fragility of digital information, on which our society heavily depends for smooth operation in all aspects of daily life. This has been discussed in many books and articles on digital preservation, so why is there a need for yet one more? Because, for the most part, those other publications focus on documents, images and webpages – objects that are normally rendered to be simply displayed by software to a human viewer. Yet there are clearly many more types of digital objects that may need to be preserved, such as databases, scientific data and software itself.David Giaretta, Director of the Alliance for Permanent Access,  and his contributors explain why the tools and techniques used for preserving rendered objects are inadequate for all these other types of digital objects, and they provide the concepts, techniques and tools that are needed. The book is structured in three parts. The first part is on theory, i.e., the concepts and techniques that are essential for preserving digitally encoded information. The second part then shows practice, i.e., the use and validation of these tools and techniques. Finally, the third part concludes by addressing how to judge whether money is being well spent, in terms of effectiveness and cost sharing.Various examples of digital objects from many sources are used to explain the tools and techniques presented. The presentation style mainly aims at practitioners in libraries, archives and industry who are either directly responsible for preservation or who need to prepare for audits of their archives. Researchers in digital preservation and developers of preservation tools and techniques will also find valuable practical information here. Researchers creating digitally encoded information of all kinds will also need to be aware of these topics so that they can help to ensure that their data is usable and can be valued by others now and in the future.To further assist the reader, the book is supported by many hours of videos and presentations from the CASPAR project and by a set of open source software.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. IntroductionThe really foolproof solution for digital preservationIntroduction to OAIS concepts and terminologyTypes of Digital ObjectsThreats to Digital Preservation and possible solutionsOAIS in more depthUnderstanding a Digital Object: Basic Representation InformationPreservation of Intelligibility of Digital ObjectsUnderstandability and Usability of dataIn addition to understanding it – what is it?: Preservation Description InformationLinking data and “metadata”: PackagingBasic Preservation StrategiesAuthenticityAdvanced Preservation AnalysisTesting claims about digital preservationTools for countering the Threats to Digital PreservationThe CASPAR Key Components ImplementationOverview of the testbedsSTFC science testbedEuropean Space Agency testbedCultural Heritage TestbedContemporary Performing Arts TestbedSharing the EffortInfrastructure RoadmapWho is doing a good job? Audit and CertificationFinal thoughts

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