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Test and Analysis of Web Services

By Luciano Baresi

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Test and Analysis of Web Services Cover Image

  • ISBN13: 978-3-5407-2911-2
  • 488 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: September 13, 2007
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description
The service-oriented approach has become more and more popular, now allowing highly integrated and yet heterogeneous applications. Web services are the natural evolution of conventional middleware technologies to support Web-based and enterprise-level integration. The highly dynamic characteristics of service-oriented applications means their validation is a continuous process that often runs in parallel with execution. It is not possible to clearly distinguish between the predeployment validation of a system and its use, nor is it possible to guarantee that the checks passed at a certain time will be passed at a later time and in the actual execution environment as well. Baresi and Di Nitto have put together the first reference on all aspects of testing and validating service-oriented architectures, taking into account these inherent intricacies. The contributions by leading academic and industrial research groups are structured into four parts on: static analysis to acquire insight into how the system is supposed to work; testing techniques to sample its actual behavior; monitoring to probe its operational performance; and nonfunctional requirements like reliability and trust. This monograph is an initial source of knowledge for researchers in both academia and industry in the field of service-oriented architecture validation and verification approaches. They will find a comprehensive survey of state-of-the-art approaches as well as techniques and tools to improve the quality of service-oriented applications.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Part I: Analysis: Specifiying and Monitoring Service Flows: Making Web Services Process
  2. Aware (van der Aalst, Pesic.
  3. Analyzing Conversations: Realzability, Synchronizability, and Verification (Bultan, Fu, Su.
  4. WS
  5. Engineer: A Model
  6. Based Approach to Engineering Web Service Compositions and Choreography (Foster, Uchitel, Magee, Kramer).
  7. Model Checking with Abstraction for Web Services (Sharygina, Kröning).
  8. Part II: Testing: Unit Testing BPEL Compositions (Lübke).
  9. A Model
  10. Driven Approach to Discovery, Testing, and Monitoring of Web Services (Lohmann, Mariani, Heckel).
  11. Web Services Regression Testing (Di Penta, Bruno, Esposito, Mazza, Canfora).
  12. Part III: Monitoring: Run
  13. Time Monitoring in SOAs (Ghezzi, Guinea).
  14. Monitoring WS
  15. Agreements: An Event
  16. Calculus
  17. Based Approach (Mahbub, Spanoudakis).
  18. Assumption
  19. Based Composition and Monitoring of Web Services (Pistore, Traverso).
  20. Part IV: Reliability, Security, and Trust: Reliability Modeling and Analysis of SOAs (Cortelessa, Grassi).
  21. Vulnerability Analysis of Web
  22. Based Applications (Cova, Felmetsger, Vigna).
  23. Challenges of Testing Web Services and Security in SOA Implementations (Barbir, Hobbs, Bertino, Hirsch, Martino).
  24. WS
  25. Attestation: Enabling Trusted Computing on Web Services (Yoshihama, Ebringer, Nakamura, Munetoh, Mishina, Maruyama).

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