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Web Search

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

By Amanda Spink , Michael Zimmer

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  • ISBN13: 978-3-5407-5828-0
  • 364 Pages
  • User Level: Science
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2008
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF
Full Description
Web search engines have emerged as one of the dominant technologies of modern life, leaving few aspects of our everyday activities untouched. Search engines are not just indispensable tools for finding and accessing information online, but have become a defining component of the human condition and can be conceptualized as a complex behavior embedded within an individual's everyday social, cultural, political, and information-seeking activities. This book investigates Web search from the non-technical perspective, bringing together chapters that represent a range of multidisciplinary theories, models, and ideas about Web searching. They examine the various roles and impacts of Web searching on the social, cultural, political, legal, and informational spheres of our lives, such as the impact on individuals, social groups, modern and postmodern ways of knowing, and public and private life. By critically examining the issues, theories, and formations arising from, and surrounding, Web searching, Web Search: Multidisciplinary Perspectives represents an important contribution to the emerging multidisciplinary body of research on Web search engines. The new ideas and novel perspectives on Web searching gathered in this volume will prove valuable for research and curricula in the fields of social sciences, communication studies, cultural studies, information science, and related disciplines.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. 1) Introduction (Spink, Zimmer).
  2. Part I: Social, Cultural, and Philosophical Perspectives
  3. 2) Through the Google Goggles: Sociopolitical Bias in Search Engine Design (Diaz)
  4. 3) Reconsidering the Rhizome: A Textual Analysis of Web Search Engines as Gatekeepers of the Internet (Hess)
  5. 4) Exploring Gendered Notions: Gender, Job Hunting, and Web Searches (Martey)
  6. 5) Searching Ethics: The Role of Search Engines in the Construction and Distribution of Knowledge (Hinman)
  7. 6) The Gaze of the Perfect Search Engine: Google as an Infrastructure of Dataveillance (Zimmer).
  8. Part II: Political, Legal, and Economic Perspectives
  9. 7) Search Engine Liability for Copyright Infringement (Fitzgerald et. al.)
  10. 8) Search Engine Bias and the Demise of Search Engine Utopianism (Goldman)
  11. 9) The Democratizing Effects of Search Engine Use: On Chance Exposures and Organizational Hubs (Lev
  12. On)
  13. 10) 'Googling' Terrorists: Are Northern Irish Terrorists Visible on Internet Search Engines? (Reilly)
  14. 11) The History of the Internet Search Engine: Navigational Media and the Traffic Commodity (Van Couvering).
  15. Part III: Information Behavior Perspectives
  16. 12) Towards a Web Search Information Behavior Model (Knight, Zimmer)
  17. 13) Web Searching for Health: Theoretical Foundations and Connections to Health Related Outcomes (Dutta, Bodie)
  18. 14) Search Engines and Expertise about Global Issues: Well
  19. Defined Landscape or Undomesticated Wilderness ? (Fry et. al.)
  20. 15) Conceptual Models for Search Engines (Hendry, Efthimiadis)
  21. 16) Web Searching: A Quality Measurement Perspective (Lewandowski, Höchstötter).
  22. Part IV: Conclusion
  23. 17) Conclusion (Spink, Zimmer).

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