Handbook of Biometrics

By Anil K. Jain , Patrick Flynn , Arun A. Ross

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Recent years have seen significant growth in biometric research and the development of innovative sensors, new algorithms, test methodologies and novel applications. For this book, prominent biometrics researchers describe the fundamentals and the latest innovations in their area of expertise.

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  • ISBN13: 978-0-3877-1040-2
  • 568 Pages
  • User Level: Professionals
  • Publication Date: October 23, 2007
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Biometrics is a rapidly evolving field with applications ranging from accessing one’s computer to gaining entry into a country. The deployment of large-scale biometric systems in both commercial and government applications has served to increase the public’s awareness of this technology. This rapid growth has highlighted the challenges associated with designing and deploying biometric systems. Indeed, the problem of biometric authentication is a Grand Challenge in its own right. Significant growth in biometric research in recent years has resulted in the development of innovative sensors, new algorithms, enhanced test methodologies and novel applications. The Handbook of Biometrics comprises chapters authored by prominent Biometric researchers describing the fundamentals and the latest innovations in their areas of expertise. This unique and timely volume is designed for researchers and advanced-level students in computer science. It is also suitable for Biometric and Computer Security professionals.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by James L. Wayman, San Jose State University.
  2. Preface.
  3. Introduction to Biometrics.
  4. Fingerprint Recognition.
  5. Face Recognition.
  6. Iris Recognition.
  7. Hand Geometry Recognition.
  8. Gait Recognition.
  9. The Ear as a Biometric.
  10. Voice Biometrics.
  11. A Palmprint Authentication System.
  12. On
  13. Line Signature Verification.
  14. 3D Face Recognition.
  15. Automatic Forensic Dental Identification.
  16. Hand Vascular Pattern Technology.
  17. Introduction to Multibiometrics.
  18. Multispectral Face Recognition.
  19. Multibiometrics Using Face and Ear.
  20. Incorporating Ancillary Information in Multibiometric Systems.
  21. The Law and the Use of Biometrics.
  22. Biometric System Security.
  23. Spoof Detection Schemes.
  24. Linkages between Biometrics and Forensic Science.
  25. Biometrics in Government Sector.
  26. Biometrics in the Commercial Sector.
  27. Biometric Standards.
  28. Biometrics Databases.
  29. Index.

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