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Clinical Research Informatics

By Rachel Richesson , James E. Andrews

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This book examines Clinical Research Informatics in light of the changing role of the consumer, the growing need for global coordination, and the merging of clinical care delivery and research as part of a changing paradigm in global healthcare delivery.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-8488-2447-8
  • 428 Pages
  • Publication Date: February 10, 2012
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Full Description
The purpose of the book is to provide an overview of clinical research (types), activities, and areas where informatics and IT could fit into various activities and business practices. This book will introduce and apply informatics concepts only as they have particular relevance to clinical research settings.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Section I: Contexts of Clinical Research Informatics.
  2. Introduction to Clinical Research Informatics.
  3. From Notations to Data: The Digital Transformation of Clinical Research.
  4. Clinical Research Environment.
  5. Statistical and Study Design Foundations of Clinical Research.
  6. Informatics Approaches to Participant Recruitment.
  7. The Evolving Role of Consumers.
  8. Clinical Research in the Post
  9. Genomic Era.
  10. Section II: Data Management and Systems in Clinical Research.
  11. Clinical Research Information Systems.
  12. Study Protocol Representation.
  13. Data Quality in Clinical Research.
  14. Patient
  15. Reported Outcome Data.
  16.  Biobanking Challenges and Informatics Opportunities.
  17. Patient Registries.
  18. Section III: Knowledge Representation and Discovery.
  19. Knowledge Representation and Ontologies.
  20. Non
  21. hypothesis Driven Research: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
  22. Natural Language Processing, Electronic Health Records, and Clinical Research.
  23. Section IV: The Future of Clinical Research, Health, and Clinical Research Informatics.
  24. Data Sharing: Electronic Health Records and Research Interoperability.
  25. Standards Development and the Future of Research Data Sources, Interoperability, and Exchange.
  26. Pharmacovigilance.
  27. Clinical Trials Registries and Results Databases.
  28. Future Directions in Clinical Research Informatics.
  29. Index.

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