The Author's Code... with Miguel Figueiredo

Miguel Figueiredo is the author of SAP HANA Cloud in a Nutshell: Design, Develop, and Deploy Data Models using SAP HANA Cloud. Miguel talks with ApressAuthor's Code-Figueiredo about what shaped his author journey  and what his goals are for the readers of his book. Mostly, he’s passionate about making a contribution to his professional community.

Q: What did writing this book mean to you?
For me to have an opportunity to write a book is priceless, because you have the chance to materialize the belief that sharing content will support a reader’s personal and professional journey from learning and practice.  

Q: What was your main reason for writing it?
It was a dream that became a reality, rooted in the desire to make a positive difference by contributing in some way to my field. In my professional journey I read many books that helped me to grow in my career, so I decided to write this book to help others looking for professional development.

Q: How would you describe the experience?
The entire journey of writing a book is an incredible—from structuring ideas, thinking about chapter content, and also about how readers might want to learn. At the end of the journey when you finally have your book in hands is an indescribable moment. A huge accomplishment.

Q: Was it easier or harder than expected?
The task of write the book seemed harder in the beginning, but I had the right people with me along this journey and they made all the challenges smaller. Writing a book is harder than I thought, and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Q: Based on this experience, would you ever write another book?
To continue writing books is a priceless opportunity to me. It’s my wish that readers across the globe finding my books useful and that the investment made will paid off by supporting their career development.

Miguel Figueiredo is a passionate software professional with 30+ years of experience in technical solution architecture. He has a degree in Information Systems, an MBA from Mackenzie University, and an international MBA in business administration from FIA Business School in partnership with Vanderbilt University.

Miguel gained his experience delivering business intelligence solutions for most of the Fortune 500 companies and multiple global corporations. As the SAP HANA Services Center of Excellence leader, he was responsible for the evangelization and best practice adoption of data management and business intelligence in his region.

Miguel is currently a customer success partner and he advises companies on how to maximize value realization in their digital transformation journeys and moves to cloud initiatives. He’s dedicated to supporting his family, and encouraging the development of good habits for health of body and mind.