Become an Apress Technical Reviewer

Apress is always looking for technical reviewers who can help ensure that our books offer readers high-quality, technically accurate, and up-to-date content. We are looking for pros with levels of expertise commensurate with that of our authors. 

Here is what we expect of our technical reviewers as they evaluate each chapter of a book:

  • Offer an overall assessment comment at the very top of each chapter.
  • Comment on any technical errors throughout the chapter. Point out items you suspect may be an error—even if you’re not sure what the correct information should be.
  • Comment on any passages that you find unclear or that are likely to be misunderstood by readers, and let us know your reasoning so that the author can work to clarify the passage.
  • Test all of the code under all of the operating systems and languages referenced in in the text, and leave comments either confirming that it worked correctly or highlight any errors that you observe.
  • Follow any tutorial steps specified in the text, perform the operations that are instructed, and point out any areas where there are inaccuracies.
  • Check that the graphics and images are correct.

We offer an honorarium for each assignment, a free copy of the title, and feature an "About the Technical Reviewer" page in the book's front matter.

If you have professional-level expertise in any of the subject areas listed under our Categories heading, and are interested in becoming a technical reviewer, email your CV and qualifications to editorial@apress.com

A strong tech review is the difference between an average book and a great book."

Steve Anglin, Associate Editorial Director, Apress