Apress Access General Terms

The following are the general terms for the purchase of an annual subscription to Apress Access providing you with access to Apress eBooks on Apress.com for just $199.
An Apress Access subscription is intended to allow you browser-based access to the Apress Access content for a period of one year. With Apress Access you get access to the rich content published by Apress over the years that remains viable, in addition to the new publications as they come to market. All you need to do is register and make payment. If you are already registered, you do not have to re-enter your contact information.

1. Who may use the subscription
This is a single user subscription. Only one person may use or access a single subscription or any subscription benefits. If the subscriber is a company, the company must assign the subscription to one person within the company, and only that person may use or access the subscription or any subscription benefits. For multiple users, your company may wish to enquire about multi-user licenses at customerservice@springernature.com.

2. How to purchase a subscription
You may purchase your Apress Access subscription package on Apress.com by clicking on the Purchase Now! button on the Apress.com home page, entering your contact and credit card information, and accepting the legal agreement. ALL SALES, LICENSING, FULFILLMENT, AND/OR INVOICING OF YOUR ORDER WILL BE COMPLETED BY OUR AFFILIATE, SPRINGER NATURE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER, LLC.
Thereafter you have access to the Apress Access content for a period of one year. Those already registered on Apress.com will retain all of their existing eBooks, so go ahead and take advantage of this offer and if you decide not to renew a year from now, your existing eBooks will still be there.

3. Access to online eBook content
The subscription provides you with login access to the Apress eBooks. If you have already registered on Apress.com, then you may purchase this plan using your current login.

4. Changes to the subscription benefits
SCSC reserves the right to change the benefits available under the subscription at any time without any notice to you, such as which titles are made available, formats of the eBook made available, or enhancements in options to access your eBooks.

5. Use of the eBooks and other benefits 
• The subscription provides you with unlimited access for renewable periods of one year to all Apress ebooks on Apress.com.
• The subscription provides that you will be able to copy and paste text from the eBooks. However, standard copyright protection of these eBooks applies and copied text must only be used for your personal use without otherwise seeking permission from SCSC.
6. Restrictions on the use of eBooks
This special offering is made only for personal use. Your use of the book content is subject to the license agreement provided in the registration process.
• You may not share, reproduce, reconstruct, alter, transfer, resell, or otherwise utilize the eBooks except as provided herein.
• This subscription offer does not apply to libraries, any type of shared network, to corporate uses other than as prescribed herein, or any other form of sharing documents in print, electronic or any other form. You may not assign or otherwise allow use of your subscription.
• You will not be able to access Apress Access and/ or its content if you do not have an active subscription, any rights to use Apress Access content cease upon the end of the subscription, including but not limited to any downloaded Apress Access content.
• The components of each eBook are licensed as a single unit. You may not alter the eBooks, re-engineer them to be installed on different devices or otherwise provide access to them by third parties
Other benefits. Other subscription benefits such as enhancements to eBooks or other offers made by SCSC may be subject to separate terms.
7. Your login
You access the online eBook content by logging into your account on Apress.com. You are responsible for the use of the login password assigned to you. You may not resell, share, assign, or otherwise transfer your password. Password activity is monitored. SCSC reserves the right to suspend or terminate your subscription, without any notice or obligation to you, if SCSC detects suspicious activity related to passwords or activations. SCSC reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether an activity constitutes suspicious activity. SCSC will deactivate your access to the Apress content when your subscription ends, but your login to Apress.com and any eBooks purchased prior to the Apress Access subscription will still be accessible.

8. Ending the subscription
Your subscription commences for a period of one year after you have purchased the subscription and you may not cancel after purchasing the subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you stop your subscription before its renewal date. There are no refunds or partial refunds once you have subscribed. SCSC may suspend or terminate your subscription if SCSC believes that you have failed to comply with any part of this agreement.