Scaling Your Startup

New Release

March 13th, 2019​​​​​​​

Peter Cohan has completed over 150 growth strategy consulting projects for global technology companies and has authored multiple bestselling books for Apress like Disciplined Growth Strategies and Startup Cities. Now, he has authored a brand new business title that uses his insider knowledge and serves as a trusted guide for entrepreneurs at any level: Scaling Your Startup. Aspiring CEOs, capital providers, and all other key stakeholders will expand their understanding of growth acceleration with Cohan’s expertise.

Through effective use of case studies, you will learn how CEOs craft growth strategies, raise capital, create culture, build their organizations, set goals, and manage processes to achieve them. Cohan focuses on his “four stages” of scale as a practical technique that you can apply to your own enterprise. These are: 1) winning the first customers, 2) building a scalable business model, 3) sprinting to liquidity, and 4) running the marathon. A company faces new challenges at each stage, and Scaling Your Startup helps define these via real-world, actionable examples and solutions.

Your idea can be transformed into an organization that can change the world. The pitfall that many business owners fall into is lack of knowledge about flexible, adept scaling. The trusted industry expert who is Peter Cohan, combined with his buzzworthy new model for scaling, makes Scaling Your Startup an essential addition to any entrepreneur’s bookshelf.

Scaling Your Startup is available now from Apress! ​​​​​​​
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