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Martin Rijks

Martin Rijks wrote his first lines of code on paper, at the age of 8, using a book from the library that he probably returned too late. Not owning a computer himself until years later, little Martin had to wait for birthday parties at his uncle's to actually be able to test his programs on a TI99/4A. When he had finally bought his own, he wasted the best years of his youth dashing boulders, shooting mutant camels, raiding stars or navigating several alternate realities carrying potions while swinging pointy weapons at critters.

Martin discovered Game Maker in 2001 and ever since has kept prodding it to see what it would do. Having played an important role in building and maintaining the lively Game Maker community, you can still occasionally find him there telling people that They Are Doing It Wrong. For fear of not wanting to go home after working hours, Martin was fortunate enough to find a daytime job that has nothing to do with game development. These days hardly ever gaming, he still likes to challenge people for a multi-player match of Duke Nukem 3D but he is unable to find anyone who is still willing to play it.

Having become a father while missing another deadline for the book, Martin is already planning to give his newborn son Dimar the same sermons he got from his own parents on the virtues of Playing Outside and Getting Some Fresh Air. This time he hopes they will work.

Martin Rijks' Books

The Game Maker's Companion

The Game Maker's Companion

  • Publication Date: October 18, 2010
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2826-4
  • Price: $27.99

The Game Maker's Companion is the long-awaited sequel to The Game Maker's Apprentice: the beginner's guide to game development that has become a staple in the bedrooms and classrooms of hobbyist game developers around the world. Learn More …