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Explore titles that are among the best available relevant and practical guides out there for today’s ASP.NET and Windows developers, for IT professionals working with a broad suite of Microsoft products from the Microsoft Azure cloud to Office 365 and SharePoint, and for business users of Excel, Windows, and more.

Work with powerful out-of-the-box business solutions, build apps for desktop, web, and mobile devices, manage thousands of concurrent users in the cloud, or automate any part of it with Windows PowerShell.

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  • David Jensen is an IoT architect with over 20 years of experience. He has spent more than six years designing, building, and deploying IoT solutions based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, which started before it was released. He is passionate about building software solutions that interact with the real world, and fascinated by the devices that surround us and how we can leverage them to instrument our environment to build connected ecosystems.

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    Joan Murray

    Senior Editor
    Microsoft developer/architect, Power Platform, AI/DL/ML in Microsoft

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    Jonathan Gennick

    Assistant Editorial Director
    Oracle, Azure Data Platform, Data/Database, Mixed Reality, Java

    Tel.: +1 906-387-1698

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    Smriti Srivastava

    Microsoft IT Pro, Azure, Windows, SharePoint, Office, Dynamics

    Tel.: +91 8800 25 6372

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