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Damon Oehlman

Damon Oehlman is an experienced web and mobile applications developer and architect, whose first experience of programming was re-keying lines of code published in early computer magazines onto an Amstrad CPC-464 at age 8. Having learnt the hazards of "copy and paste coding" at an early age, Damon has gone on to work with both small and large companies developing software solutions for desktop, web and most recently mobile devices. He currently runs his own boutique software development and consulting firm, Sidelab (www.sidelab.com), which specializes in mobile and cloud computing. As a consultant on technology strategy and innovation, Damon is passionate about pervasive computing and the technological and social impacts of our digital future. In addition to authoring technical books, Damon also maintains a technology blog (http://distractable.net/) where you can find a mix articles and tutorials relating to both mobile and cloud computing.

Damon Oehlman's Books

Pro Android Web Apps

Pro Android Web Apps

  • Publication Date: February 21, 2011
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3276-6
  • Price: $31.99

Pro Android Web Apps teaches developers already familiar with web application development how to code and structure a web app for use on the Google Android mobile platform. Learn More …