Wade Arnold

Wade Arnold is the chief executive officer of T8DESIGN, a rich media and application firm located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Wade is responsible for strategic planning and product development as well as creating an exciting and rewarding corporate environment. Wade has been selected�as a speaker at several national software development and security conferences. He has an active dialogue with Adobe and actively participates in prerelease beta development of Flash, Flex, and AIR, and he is passionately involved in open source Flash/Flex development and aligns T8DESIGN behind these initiatives. Wade is the lead developer of AMFPHP and the open source implementation of Flash Remoting. Wade has a degree in computer science emphasizing intelligent systems, and a master's in business administration from the University of Iowa. T8DESIGN works with hundreds of community banks and medium-to-enterprise-size customers including Nike, McDonald's, John Deere, AT&T, Lindsay Corporation, Best Buy, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Wade Arnold's Books

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

  • Publication Date: July 16, 2008
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-0993-5

A practical development guide to creating Flash applications with OS Flash tools and workflows. Learn More …