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Ram Venkatesh

Ram Venkatesh is the founder and chief executive officer of S3 Edge Software, which delivers real-time visibility solutions using the BizTalk RFID platform. Prior to S3, Ram was the software architect for the Microsoft BizTalk RFID platform. While at Microsoft, he worked on a number of innovations involving database technologies and the integration of the .NET Framework into SQL Server, and filed over 30 patent applications along the way. His prior work experience includes senior technical roles at GemStone, Webridge, and Amazon.com.

Ram Venkatesh's Books

Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009

Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009

  • Publication Date: February 23, 2009
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-1837-1
  • Price: $38.99

Authors Ram Venkatesh, the lead developer of the BizTalk RFID platform, Mark Simms, a leading architect and developer of BizTalk RFID solutions, and Mark Beckner, a BizTalk Server and enterprise architecture specialist, ensure that you will master the tools necessary to be able to confidently and efficiently implement a BizTalk RFID solution. Learn More …