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Marius Danciu

Marius Danciu spent the past 6 years architecting, designing, and leading development of highly scalable server-side applications based on J(2)EE platforms. Most applications were based on the data synchronization techniques (which in turn were based on the SyncML OMA standard) and adjacent technologies. For more than a year, Marius has been a committer to the LiftWeb framework, contributing to the design and implementation of various features in the framework.

Marius Danciu's Books

The Definitive Guide to Lift

The Definitive Guide to Lift

  • Publication Date: May 14, 2009
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2421-1
  • Price: $31.99

The Definitive Guide to Lift will educate you about Lift, is a great framework for building compelling web applications. Lift is designed to make powerful techniques easily accessible, while keeping the overall framework simple and flexible. Lift makes it fun to develop because it lets you focus on the interesting parts of coding. Learn More …