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Bulusu Lakshman

Bulusu Lakshman is an experienced Oracle developer with more than 10 years of software design and development experience using Oracle and its related tools, including PL/SQL and Java. He's the author of Oracle Developer Forms Techniques and Oracle and Java Development, both of which have been well received. He also holds an Oracle Master credential from the Oracle Corporation, is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) application developer, and is a double honors graduate in computer science and engineering and mathematics. He has presented at numerous international and national conferences on Oracle and its tools, and published articles in various technical magazines and journals. Lakshman is employed by Compunnel Software Group Inc., a leading technical consulting firm based in New Jersey.

Bulusu Lakshman's Books

Oracle9i PL/SQL

Oracle9i PL/SQL

  • Publication Date: November 14, 2002
  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-049-2
  • Price: $38.99

This comprehensive reference is a solid resource for the development of Oracle9i PL/SQL applications. Developers incorporating these technologies into new applications as well as those migrating from earlier versions will find author Bulusu Lakshman's expert treatment of the topic invaluable. Learn More …