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Stefan Denninger

Stefan Denninger completed his university education in February 1996 with a degree in business management. He works for ConSol GmbH in Munich, Germany, as a senior software consultant. He has worked as a software engineer for Kromberg & Schubert in Abensberg, Germany, and IXOS Software and eCircle Solutions in Munich, Germany.

Stefan Denninger's Books

Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1

Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1

  • Publication Date: April 7, 2003
  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-088-1
  • Price: $34.99

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a server-side component model for transaction-aware distributed enterprise applications, written in the Java programming language. This practical guide details the architecture of the EJB component model and takes your EJB knowledge to a new level by covering issues beyond the specification. Learn More …