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Mike Buzzard

Mike Buzzard is a self-taught applications developer residing in San Francisco. He is a partner member of Cuban Council, a freelance collective of programmers and designers based in the United States and Denmark. Mike spends most of his time building web-based software solutions using a wide array of languages, platforms, and databases for the entertainment industry as well as the international online design community. Mike's work history ranges from software development companies to architecture and engineering services, where his efforts have always been focused toward online applications development. In his spare time, Mike occasionally guest lectures at Stanford University, where he instructs students in PHP and MySQL for solving course projects involving art, product design, and communications.

Mike Buzzard's Books

PHP MySQL Website Programming

PHP MySQL Website Programming

  • Publication Date: July 16, 2003
  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-150-5
  • Price: $34.99

This unique tutorial defines a good methodology for creating a website by identifying problems, surmising solutions to those problems, and then implementing those solutions using modern development practices and a specific set of technologies: the Apache web server, the MySQL database system, and the PHP scripting language. Learn More …