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Paul Tepper Fisher

Paul Tepper Fisher first began working in technology at Johns Hopkins University, where he spent several years developing a distance learning application for neuroscience, while completing graduate school there. He has founded two technology start-ups: SmartPants Media, Inc., a software development company specializing in interactive multimedia technology; and, which develops telephony applications using VoIP and Java.

Paul was also manager of technology at, where he lead the software development team for the on-line publications of,, and, using Spring, Grails, and Java technology.

Currently, Paul is director of engineering for a new music service at Lime Company, where he manages several development teams using agile methodologies. Comprised of client-side and server-side components developed using Java, the music service is designed for horizontal scalability and leverages cloud-computing to dynamically change the infrastructure size in response to load. You can read Paul�s blog at Paul lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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