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Jeffrey David Stauch

Jeffrey David Stauch received his BA in political science at Middlebury College and his MA in social sciences at the University of Chicago.He started his career in fundraising in Boston with Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., and Telefund, Inc.Jeffrey is currently the assistant director of principal gifts at a small, elite liberal arts college.He is also the volunteer giving officer for Betasab (www.betasab.org), a home for orphaned children in Ethiopia. When not at work, he runs, trains in the martial art of aikido, and writes creative non-fiction. He has a pet rabbit.

Jeffrey David Stauch's Books

Effective Frontline Fundraising

Effective Frontline Fundraising

  • Publication Date: December 13, 2011
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3900-0
  • Price: $17.99

Effective Frontline Fundraising provides the information necessary to set up an effective development team capable of consistently raising gifts, both large and small. Learn More …