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Andreas Löw

Andreas Löw has been a computer freak since he got is first Commodore C16 at the age of 10. Teaching himself how to write games, he released his first computer game, Gamma Zone, for Commodore Amiga in 1994, written in pure assembly language. After his diploma in electrical engineering he worked for Harman International in the department for navigation and infotainment systems with speech recognition. He invented his own programming language and compiler system which is used in many cars with speech recognition technology around the world.  With the iPhone, he found his way back to his roots and began developing a game called TurtleTrigger. He realized there is a lack of  good tools in the cocos2d community. He founded CodeAndWeb and now dedicates his full time to this new challenge. With his knowledge in both game and tool development, his products TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor quickly became essential development tools for any cocos2d user.

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