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Dr. Nir Kossovsky

Dr. Nir Kossovsky is an authority on business process risk and reputational value. With a career spanning the worlds of risk, probability, and intangibles, Kossovsky is cofounder, chief executive, and director of Steel City Re, reputational value specialists. Kossovsky holds more than a dozen patents, including an algorithmic reputational value measurement system currently enabling insurance solutions(patent pending), third-party investment strategies, and governance products. He is the executive secretary of the Intangible Asset Finance Society, a professional organization, for which he edits the Mission:Intangible blog under the nom de plume, Huygens.

He served on the boards of Patent & License Exchange and Littlearth, Inc.; was a consultant to the FDA s medical device advisory panels; and is featured in case studies from Harvard and Darden Schools of Business. Formerly a practicing physician with an MD from the University of Chicago, Kossovsky earned an MBA from University of Southern California and a BA in Philosophy from University of Pittsburgh. Kossovsky was a tenured member of the faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine, Chief of the UCLA Medical Center s Autopsy Service, and a Deputy Coroner in Los Angeles County. He is a Trustee of Excela Health Systems, a community-based health care provider. He graduated from the US Navy War College and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain from the US Navy Reserves. He is the author of more than 200 scholarly articles, lay articles,and books.

Dr. Nir Kossovsky's Books

Reputation, Stock Price, and You

Reputation, Stock Price, and You

  • Publication Date: November 20, 2012
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4890-3
  • Price: $20.99

Reputation, Stock Price, and You: Why the Market Rewards Some Companies and Punishes Others gives you insight into how reputation affects stock price and company value, and how you can use that insight to manage more wisely, oversee operations more effectively, operate more profitably, and invest more successfully. Learn More …