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Nicholas Mango

Nicholas Mango is a freelance writer and editor whose work in the active trading community spans more than seven years and numerous Web portals and major media outlets. As a former Division I collegiate athlete, Mango experienced firsthand the pressure to consistently perform at a high level and the many highs and lows encountered along the way. While working his first Traders Expo in 2006, it became clear that thousands of traders were taking their lumps, just as he had before, while facing an adversary that is equally alluring and potentially even more unforgiving: the financial markets. There began a strong commitment to helping traders find clarity and the answers that could form the basis for long-lasting and prosperous careers in the markets. Mango has since worked with hundreds of professional traders and industry experts to publish their most reliable, clearly stated, and actionable methods and strategies for trading a variety of markets and time frames.

Nicholas Mango's Books

Traders at Work

Traders at Work

  • Publication Date: January 22, 2013
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4443-1
  • Price: $17.99

In Traders at Work, Tim Bourquin, co-founder of Traders Expo and the Forex Trading Expo and founder of TraderInterviews.com, and freelance writer and editor Nick Mango sit down with the world’s most successful professional traders to uncover what it really takes to make a living in the markets. Learn More …