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From the basics of HTML and CSS to the vast world of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, our web development books teach you to design and develop successfully for the web. If you’re aiming to build mobile apps or make websites, you can learn a full range of skills. With books on Angular, Node.js, MEAN, PHP, Ruby, WordPress, Shopify, and more, Apress can help you find the right way to tackle any programming project. Whether you are a beginner learning new skills, or a seasoned web developer looking for an expert guide, here you can find the best book for you.

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    • Fernando Doglio has been a Web Developer for the past 10 years. During that time, he's had the opportunity to work with many leading technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Node.js, Angular.js, AJAX, REST APIs and others. He's also been working on creating scalable architectures for big data platforms. When not programming, he can be seen spending time with his family. You can find him on Twitter @deleteman123

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