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With most of our titles available in a variety of formats, you can access your content wherever and however you wish—on your PC, phone, tablet, or reader.

If you have already purchased the print edition of an Apress title and you would find it helpful to have the eBook version of that title as well, we are happy to offer you the companion eBook version for $5.


Interested? Follow these steps to get your companion eBook.

Please be sure to have your print copy at hand.

  1. Take a photo of the cover
  2. Write your name at the top of the copyright page in uppercase letters, and take a photo of the page
  3. Send an email to customerservice@springernature.com, including
    • both of the photos taken
    • ISBN of the print title (978-x-xxxx-xxxx-x)
    • subject line "Apress companion eBook"
  4. Upon verification from our side, you will receive a coupon code, redeemable once on the title's ebook version
  5. Go to the title's product page, select Buy eBook, and redeem your coupon in the cart; the title will appear at the $5 price
  6. Purchase the eBook
  7. Access its content at anytime in EPUB or PDF formats in your Bookshelf on apress.com

Please be aware that this is a manual process for our Customer Support team and may take some time to fulfill.


Learn how to send content to your Kindle here. For any other device or reader, just use the EPUB file.

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