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  • Advanced Java Game Programming

    Advanced Java Game Programming Cover

    David Wallace Croft

    This authoritative guide teaches you how to create desktop and Internet computer games using the latest Java programming language techniques. With author David Wallace Croft's open-source reusable game library and clear explanations of the code, you'll be able to program and release new games in no time.
  • Android Recipes 3rd Edition

    Android Recipes Cover

    Dave Smith, Jeff Friesen

    Android Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, Third Edition offers more than 100 down-to-earth code recipes, and guides you step-by-step through a wide range of useful topics using complete and real-world working code examples. This book is updated to include the KitKat Android 4.4 SDK as well as earlier releases.
  • Beginning JavaFX

    Beginning JavaFX Cover

    Lawrence PremKumar, Praveen Mohan

    This book is for Flash, Silverlight, and other rich Internet application developers looking to use and integrate JavaFX in their Java RIAs, whether it's for the desktop or mobile environments. This book is also for those new to RIA development.
  • J2ME Games with MIDP2

    J2ME Games with MIDP2 Cover

    Carol Hamer

    Java 2ME (Micro Edition) is the client-side Java development platform for building wireless Java-based cell phone and PDA applications. This book addresses the fun challenge of building game applications for these kinds of portable devices. Author Carol Hamer shows you how to use J2ME for developing, using the latest MIDP 2.0 specification.
  • Learn Blackberry Games Development

    Learn Blackberry Games Development Cover

    Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison

    Carol Hamer and Andrew Davison, expert software game developers, show you how to leverage the BlackBerry Java Development Environment (based on Java ME) to design and create fun, sophisticated game applications from role playing to dueling with light sabers.
  • Learn Java for Android Development 3rd Edition

    Learn Java for Android Development Cover

    Jeff Friesen

    Learn Java for Android Development, Third Edition, is an update of a strong selling book that now includes a primer on Android app development (in Chapter 1 and Appendix C, which is distributed in the book’s code archive). This book teaches programmers the essential Java language skills necessary for effectively picking up and using the new Android SDK platform to build mobile, embedded, and even PC apps, especially game apps.

  • Pro Android

    Pro Android Cover

    Satya Komatineni, Sayed Hashimi

    Pro Android is a detailed look at application development on Google's Mobile OS. It uses the development of a sample application to work through all the options you might want to build a flexible mobile application. The focus is on making viable commercial applications work. The book includes detailed coverage of the Android API.
  • Pro Android Games 2nd Edition

    Pro Android Games Cover

    Vladimir Silva

    Combining actionable, real-world source code with graphics, Pro Android Games, Second Edition shows you how to build more sophisticated and addictive Android game apps with minimum effort. Harness the power of the latest Android Jelly Beans NDK to bring countless legendary, action-packed PC games to the Android Platform.

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Books 1-12 of 13

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