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Apple is constantly breaking ground and releasing new products and versions. Our books take readers from consumers to development professionals. Coverage includes iOS and Mac user guides, programming with Swift and Objective-C, development of new apps with Xcode, integration into enterprise and other environments, troubleshooting iOS on iPhone and iPad, and more.

Whether you’re just starting out programming your first iOS app, an experienced developer, or an iOS enthusiast looking for a guide to your new device, our books will help you learn your way around Apple’s latest offerings. 

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    • Molly K. Maskrey first learned software while a sophomore in high school on a Wang punch card computer where you manually created an octal machine language program by popping out chads on a single card. Never one to stay still, Molly moved to Denver, Colorado where she jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. In 2009 she, along with her life and business partner Jennifer, received approval from the Apple MFi (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) program on their first accessory, a credit card reader that connected through the 30-pin dock of iPod and iPhone devices, a good six months ahead of Square. In 2010 she and Jennifer founded Global Tek Labs, an iOS development and accessory design services company that is now one of the leading consulting services for new designers looking to create smart attachments to Apple devices.

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