Advanced Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript

By Rex van der Spuy

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Master advanced video game design techniques for mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and the Web, using the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-5800-1
  • User Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Publishing May 6, 2015, but available now as part of the Alpha Program
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF
  • Print Book Price: $44.99
  • eBook Price: $31.99

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Full Description

AdvancED Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript is a down to earth education in how to make videogames from scratch, using the powerful HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. This book delves into many of the great “Black Arts” of video game design which are sparsely documented elsewhere, and gives you a point-by-point round up of all the essential techniques that every game designer needs to know.

You'll discover how to develop games with vector math, pathfinding, and advanced collision detection techniques, all of which are covered in a friendly and non-technical manner. You'll find detailed working examples, with hundreds of illustrations and thousands of lines of source code that you can freely adapt for your own projects. All the math and programming techniques are elaborately explained and examples are open-ended to encourage you to think of original ways to use these techniques in your own games. You can use what you learn in this book to make games for desktops, mobile phones, tablets or the Web.

AdvancED Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript is a great next step if you already have some JavaScript game making experience, or a great continuation if you've already read Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript by the same author.

The game examples in this book use pure JavaScript, so you can code as close to the metal as possible without having to be dependent on any limiting frameworks. If you’re looking for a book to take your game design skills into the stratosphere and beyond, this is it!

What you’ll learn

  • Control the geometry and physics of the game world using vector math, SAT, and advanced collision detection strategies.
  • Advanced tile-based design techniques for puzzle, platform and maze games.
  • Path-finding and AI systems including Ling of Sight and A* (A-Star)
  • Pixel-perfect collision detection, particle explosions and high-performance 2D sprite rendering with WebGL.
  • Learn to make isometric games and build a physics-rich game world with Box2D.
  • Manage complexity to build games of any size that scale seamlessly.

Who this book is for

AdvancED Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript is for video game developers with some experience who want to learn the essential techniques they need to know to take their skills to the next level. It’s for readers who want to understand and fine-tune every line of code they write, without resorting to quick fixes. All the techniques covered in this book are core game design skills that can be applied to many other programming technologies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Level Up
  2. The Canvas Drawing API
  3. Working with Game Assets
  4. Making Sprites and a Scene Graph
  5. Making Things Move
  6. Interactivity
  7. Collision Detection
  8. Juice it Up
  9. Sound with the WebAudio API
  10. Tweening
  11. Make Your Own Game Engine
  12. Vector for Games

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