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Pro SharePoint Designer 2010

By Steve Wright , David Petersen

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SharePoint Designer 2010 is the key to customizing and improving the functionality and appearance of SharePoint sites, and Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 is your one-stop shop to getting the most from this powerful application.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3617-7
  • 476 Pages
  • User Level: Intermediate
  • Publication Date: August 7, 2011
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

SharePoint 2010 offers developers, designers, and users a sophisticated intranet, web application, and Internet site platform. But until now, SharePoint users have had to painfully edit code or seek developer assistance to customize more than just the most minor parts of their sites. All of that has changed with SharePoint Designer 2010. Gain complete control and enhance your SharePoint sites with a depth not previously possible using this book. Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 is your soup-to-nuts reference for unlocking the power of SharePoint Designer.

Covering everything you'll need to know to create custom, rich SharePoint experiences, Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 is a masterful guide to getting the most from this powerful application quickly and easily.

This book starts with a fast-paced introduction to the 2010 version of the SharePoint Designer solution, including an overview of its features and capabilities. Then, the authors demonstrate those tools in action in a practical, results-oriented way, showing you how to vastly improve the functionality, fit and finish of your SharePoint sites. With Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 at hand, you'll master the customization of the end user's complete SharePoint 2010 experience and be on your way to enhancing your sites in no time.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create and edit master pages and page layouts
  • How to make, customize and enhance libraries and lists
  • How to exercise granular control of site permissions on all SharePoint 2010 objects
  • How to enhance the look and feel of forms, library views, and more, through CSS styles and themes
  • How to connect SharePoint to databases, web applications, line-of-business (LOB) programs, and more
  • How to integrate InfoPath for automated form handling and control
  • How to create and manage web parts
  • How to further customize SharePoint using JavaScript and Silverlight

Who this book is for

This book is for end users, administrators, and novice developers with some coding experience, and anyone else who wants to create custom, rich SharePoint experiences quickly and easily. More advanced users will find the client-side programming material helpful as well.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. A Quick Guide to SharePoint Designer
  2. Editing Pages
  3. Using SharePoint to Store Data
  4. Managing Web Parts
  5. Displaying Data
  6. Styles and Themes
  7. Managing Publishing Sites
  8. Advanced Site Customizations
  9. Client-Side Programming
  10. Consuming External Data
  11. Using InfoPath Forms
  12. Automating with Workflows
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On page 79:
"14. You have one more minor change to the list columns. Remember that you used the Title field as the Department name in your Department site collection."

That should read: "... in your Department content type."


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