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Beginning PHP and MySQL 5

From Novice to Professional

2nd Edition

By W Jason Gilmore

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Beginning PHP and MySQL 5: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition offers comprehensive information about two of the most prominent open source technologies on the planet: the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database server.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-552-7
  • 952 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publication Date: January 25, 2006
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description

  • Written for the budding web developer searching for a powerful, low-cost solution for building flexible, dynamic web sites.
  • Essentially three books in one: provides thorough introductions to the PHP language and the MySQL database, and shows you how these two technologies can be effectively integrated to build powerful websites.
  • Provides over 500 code examples, including real-world tasks such as creating an auto-login feature, sending HTML-formatted e-mail, testing password guessability, and uploading files via a web interface.
  • Updated for MySQL 5, includes new chapters introducing triggers, stored procedures, and views.

What you’ll learn

  • Install and configure Apache, PHP, and MySQL on both Windows and Linux.
  • Accept and process information submitted via HTML forms.
  • Authenticate users and track user preferences and data using PHP's session-handling capabilities.
  • Process web-based file uploads using the HTTP_Upload PEAR package.
  • Create your own RSS aggregator using Magpie, and process XML files in amazingly efficient fashion using SimpleXML.
  • Use both command-line and graphical MySQL clients to effectively manage your data.
  • Secure the MySQL server, creating roles and restricting access even at very granular levels.
  • Effectively integrate PHP and MySQL to create dynamic, data-driven web applications.

Source Code/Downloads

Downloads are available to accompany this book.

Your operating system can likely extract zipped downloads automatically, but you may require software such as WinZip for PC, or StuffIt on a Mac.


If you think that you've found an error in this book, please let us know by emailing to editorial@apress.com . You will find any confirmed erratum below, so you can check if your concern has already been addressed.

On page Chapter 13:

function create_dropdown($identifier, $pairs, $firstentry,$multiple="", $key="")
$dropdown = "<select name=\"$identifier\" multiple=\"$multiple\">";
$dropdown .= "<option name=\"\">$firstentry</option>";

foreach($pairs AS $value => $name)
$dropdown .= ($value == $key) ?
"<option name=\"$value\" selected=\"selected\">$name</option>" :
"<option name=\"$value\">$name</option>";
echo "</select>";
return $dropdown;


The create_dropdown and create_dropdown-2 function:

The code in the closing tag "</select>" should be:

$dropdown .="</select>";

and not: echo "</select>"; because this causes an unwanted result in the page.

Many thanks and More power!

On page 85:

In "The break and goto statements", I believe the code does not match the last output "Prime number found:".

There is no printf for "Prime number found" in the code.


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