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    SAP ABAP Cover

    Sushil Markandeya, Kaushik Roy

    SAP ABAP elucidates the numerous features of the core programming platform, which is used for development for the entire SAP software suite. SAP ABAP uses numerous hands on business oriented use cases and a valuable dedicated downloadable e-resource to demonstrate the underlying advanced concepts of the OO ABAP environment and the SAP UI.
  • Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript

    Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript Cover

    Tom Barker

    Pro Data Visualization using R and JavaScript makes the R language approachable, and promotes the idea of data gathering and analysis. You'll see how to use R to interrogate and analyze your data, and then use the D3 JavaScript library to format and display that data in an elegant, informative, and interactive way.
  • Pro Android Python with SL4A

    Pro Android Python with SL4A Cover

    Paul Ferrill

    Android programming is now accessible to all developers! Whether you write your code in Python, Lua, or even just Beanshell, Pro Android Python with SL4A will teach you to write fully-functional non-Java apps for Android-based devices.
  • Practical OCaml

    Practical OCaml Cover

    Joshua B. Smith

    Practical OCaml is the first book to cover OCaml, a fast and efficient language with speed similar to that of C/C++. This book teaches OCaml in a straightforward and practical manner, and by the end, you'll be prepared to create your own applications with OCaml.
  • Beginning R

    Beginning R Cover

    Larry Pace

    Beginning R: An Introduction to Statistical Programming shows how to get R, use R, and write your own custom statistical functions with a powerful, capable, and freely-available programming language and statistical computing environment.
  • Beginning Haskell

    Beginning Haskell Cover

    Alejandro Serrano Mena

    Beginning Haskell provides a project-based introduction to Haskell, its use in creating domain-specific languages, to ecosystem elements such as the Cabal build tool and the QuickCheck testing tool, and to the very latest libraries such as Conduit for data streaming, Cloud Haskell for distributed computing, and the Scotty web framework.

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12 Book(s)

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