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Practical DWR 2 Projects

By Frank Zammetti

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Practical DWR 2 Projects Cover Image

Practical DWR 2 Projects includes six full, working applications, introducing you to all that DWR offers.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-59059-941-9
  • 568 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publication Date: January 23, 2008
  • Available eBook Formats: PDF

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Full Description

The Ajax craze is sweeping the world, and there is no shortage of libraries from which to choose to make it all easier to develop. One of those libraries has risen near the top in the Java space, and that library is DWR. DWR, or Direct Web Remoting, allows you to treat your Java classes running on the server as if they were local objects running in the browser, bringing the full power of your server–side business logic to the client without the usual problems that entails. In this book, you will:

  • Explore DWR and all it offers
  • Find six full, working applications that use DWR, instead of a lot of theoretical musings
  • Learn by example, more importantly, by doing, as you tear the applications apart, see what makes them tick, and even extend them at your own pace

In the end, you’ll have a great feel for what DWR offers and how Ajax can bring the world of Web 2.0 to your doorstep, and you’ll have a good time doing it.

What you’ll learn

  • Call a server–side object in a snap and make it look like any local JavaScript call to boot
  • Provide a strong security mechanism for securing your server-side code
  • Integrate with many of the most popular frameworks out there
  • Provide not only Ajax but Comet capabilities (sometimes called reverse Ajax)
  • Dig into Ajax using DWR in a practical and hacking kind of way starting with a webmail client and Wiki projects
  • Build a simple file manager application and an online timesheet system
  • Complete a DWR–based game project

Who this book is for

Web application developers, senior projects leads, and application architects.

Source Code/Downloads

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