JavaScript Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

By Russ Ferguson , Keith Cirkel

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JavaScript Recipes is your go-to reference for tackling common and advanced JavaScript tasks. Using a problem-solution approach, this book takes you from language basics all the way to advanced techniques.

Full Description

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-4302-6106-3
  • 800 Pages
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Publishing June 22, 2016, but available now as part of the
    Alpha Program
  • Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

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Full Description

JavaScript Recipes is your go-to reference for tackling common and advanced JavaScript tasks. JavaScript is the world’s most popular client-side scripting language and is gaining popularity on the server. Using a problem-solution approach, this book takes you from language basics like built-in objects and flow control all the way to advanced optimization techniques, frameworks and Node.js. Quickly discover solutions to common problems, best practices you can follow, and everything JavaScript has to offer.

You will learn language fundamentals like types, conversions, execution contexts, expressions, operators, statements, and built-in objects. With this book you'll be able to explore and make the most of your script’s host environment and how to create your own JavaScript host using Google’s V8 engine. Employ advanced optimization techniques to create scripts that execute as fast, or faster, than native executables.

JavaScript is a powerful language that developers have used to write 3D games, compilers and even a virtual machine that boots Linux. JavaScript Recipes shows you how to avoid wasting development time and concentrate on developing cutting-edge applications. You’ll see how much quicker and efficient it is to develop with JavaScript. Start becoming a JavaScript pro with JavaScript Recipes today.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn JavaScript language fundamentals and what they can do for you
  • Use JavaScript’s powerful features to develop next-generation applications
  • Explore your script’s host environment and extend it with your own objects
  • Learn how to use Google’s V8 Engine to create your own JavaScript environment
  • Learn advanced optimization techniques
  • Implement advanced techniques like closures, namespaces, and reflection
  • How to use different aspects of frameworks such as jQuery
  • How to use Node.js efficiently

Who this book is for

JavaScript Recipes is a reference for the JavaScript developer that needs to get development tasks accomplished quickly. If you’ve struggled in the past to develop a JavaScript application, or wondered if your application could function more efficiently, this book’s for you. JavaScript Recipes is great for the developer wanting to enhance their mastery of the language as well as seasoned developers that want to learn advanced coding techniques.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Chapter One: Working with JavaScript Data Types

2. Chapter Two: Working with Expressions

3. Chapter Three: Working with Strings

4. Chapter Four: Working with Numbers and Math

5. Chapter Five: Working with Bitwise Operations against 32-bit Integers

6. Chapter Six: Dates and Times

7. Chapter Seven: Working with Arrays

8. Chapter Eight: Working with Arrays in Loops

9. Chapter Nine: Working with Objects

10. Chapter Ten: Working with Sets

11. Chapter Eleven: Working with Maps

12. Chapter Twelve: Working with Functions

13. Chapter Thirteen: Working with Iterators and Generators

14. Chapter Fourteen: Working with Template Strings

15. Chapter Fifteen: Working with Symbols

16. Chapter Sixteen: Working with Proxies

17. Chapter Seventeen: Working with Classes

18. Chapter Eighteen: Working with Events

19. Chapter Nineteen: Debugging and Handling Exceptions

20. Chapter Twenty: Working with Regular Expressions

21. Chapter Twenty-One: Working with Asynchronous Control Flow and Promises

22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Working with Modules


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