Apress' broad range of innovative products on this site include:


What is an eBook? 

  • An eBook is a book in digital form, which can be read on various electronic devices. Our SpringerNature eBooks are identical to the print version.

Which eBook formats does Apress offer?

  • eBooks are currently available for purchase in PDF and sometimes EPUB format.
  • If an eBook is available in PDF and EPUB formats, both will become available for download upon purchase.
  • Both formats can be used and read on various digital devices, including mobile phones.
  • EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display automatically.
  • PDF content is static; pages are displayed identically across devices.

Apress Access

  •  Apress Access is an Apress digital product for users who want immediate up-to-date access to all Apress content. You get access to each and every eBook and article Apress has published. Apress Access is a living product. That means whenever Apress publishes a new book, the product will be added.
  • You can buy Apress Access for a fixed price on Apress.com and download the content on Apress.com by clicking on your eBookshelf on Apress.com.
  • The period of an Apress Access is one year and ends automatically after a reminder email so that it is not automatically renewed. After this year Apress Access can be extended with a new purchase.