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Discover practical guides to help you develop desktop, mobile, web, console, smart watch and smart/connected TV game apps, using some of today's most powerful game engines such as Unity, Unreal, and GameMaker. Learn about vital game elements from programming sprites to particle collisions, or even try building your own game engine from scratch.

Program 2D and 3D games in C++, C#, JavaScript, Swift, Java, and more and let our books help you reach and impress an increasingly demanding gaming audience.

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    Purushothaman Raju

    Purushothaman Raju has over 17 years of experience in multiple domains comprising online gaming and academic coaching. During his tenure as academic faculty, he has trained and mentored more than 800 students on diverse projects in the field of multimedia. He holds an advanced professional diploma in multimedia. Currently, he works as associate senior faculty teaching 3D, multimedia and post production at NICC International College of Design, Bangalore.

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