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Encompassing Linux, Ubuntu, configuration management, DevOps, Docker and much more, our open source titles teach you how to operate successfully in the open source space. Whether you are a professional or a staunch open source enthusiast, or both, here you can find the right resources for you.

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    Nathan Haines


    Nathan Haines is an author, instructor, speaker, and computer consultant who fell in love with Ubuntu in 2005, and helped found the Ubuntu California Local Community Team to share that excitement with others. As a current leader of Ubuntu California and a member of the Ubuntu Local Community Council, he works to help others share Ubuntu worldwide.

    When not working with computers, he's more than likely admiring the latest Nintendo hardware, wishing he had more time for retro console and PC gaming, and indulging in linguistic curiosity by studying German or dabbling in Old English or Tolkien's constructed Elvish languages. The queue of scifi and fantasy books on his Kindle is probably growing instead of shrinking, although sometimes camping trips help with that.

    As a hybrid author who enjoys stiff drinks, moonlit walks on the beach, and five-star reviews on his books, he can be found on the Web at nhaines.com and would love to hear from you at nathan@nhaines.com.

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