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  • Waldemar Quevedo is a software engineer based in San Francisco and has been using NATS-based architectures for over five years. He is a core contributor to the NATS project and also maintainer of its Ruby and Python client libraries. In 2011, he became one of the early members of the PaaS team at Rakuten in Tokyo, which adopted Cloud Foundry and used NATS for its control plane. In 2015, he joined Apcera in San Francisco to work on a secure container orchestration platform, also built with NATS. In 2018, he joined Synadia to focus on the NATS project and its ecosystem. Waldemar has presented on NATS at a number of industry events, including StrangeLoop, GopherCon, and AllThingsOpen. He can be found on Twitter and Github as @wallyqs.

  • Practical NATS

    Quevedo, W. (2018)

    Format: イーブック, ソフトカバー

    from ¥3,705

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