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Our security titles provide real-world processes and solutions to computer, information, network, and cyber-security. They cover tools and techniques used for penetration testing/ethical hacking, incident preparedness and response, data security and investigations, risk management, cyber defense, and more.

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    Eric Thompson

    Eric C. Thompson is an accomplished governance, risk, and compliance professional. In his GRC role as the Director of Compliance at Blue Health Intelligence (BHI), Eric leads efforts to increase cyber security maturity in several domains including, governance, policy and controls, risk management, cyber security strategy and business alignment. He established the risk management function which includes assessment, analysis, and treatment of risk, threat, and vulnerability management strategy and creating due diligence assessment requirements related to third-party risk. Eric also evaluates cyber security technology capabilities and makes recommendations for enhancing current solutions and investing in new implementations that meet risk reduction requirements. Eric is also a proud member of the SANS Mentor team.

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