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The Java language is on a multi-decade run as one of the most widely-used and successful programming environments ever. Our books offer a foundation of success through our extensive coverage of Java language topics, programming techniques, the Enterprise Edition platform, web and back-end development, and the internet of things, as well as related technologies like JavaFX and Spring. You can also find Java mobile development (Android) books in our Mobile category.

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  • Michael Minella is a software engineer, author, and speaker with over 18 years of professional experience. Michael is a Director of Software Engineering, leading the Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Task projects for Pivotal. He was also on the expert group for JSR-352 (Java Batch). He is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar having spoken internationally at many different java conferences. Outside his normal day job, Michael serves as the “curmudgeon at large” on the regular podcast OffHeap. He also has a personal passion for InfoSec topics. With hobbies including photography and woodworking, the most important jobs in Michael’s life are as husband to Erica and father to Addison.

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