Academics and Teaching

Apress can assist in the development of your academic program and coursework: many of our titles are used as textbooks. Below is the information you need to request a review copy or to adopt an Apress title for one of your classes.

Our textbook examination copy service

Our colleagues at our sister company Springer Nature handle the distribution of textbook examination copies for us.

The first step is to go to the springer.com site and to find the textbook you are interested in, searching by either author, title or ISBN. All Apress books are listed on springer.com!

How to access the textbook exam copy

  1. Go to a textbook page of your choice on springer.com
  2. Click on the link: "Request Instructor Sample on Partner Site macmillanihe.com" on the bottom right side
  3. Log in with your existing user name and password, or create a new account on springer.com
  4. Add your instructor information (if this is not already in your account profile)
  5. Access Your Textbook Examination Copy.

In case you already know the textbook´s ISBN, you can fill in the Free-Examination Copy Request Form and email to textbooks@springer.com.

University staff can submit their instructors requests with the textbook request form for university staff.

English textbook policy


If you have any questions about Springer’s examination copy process or policies, please feel free to contact us at textbooks@springer.com.

  1. Instructors and Lecturers are required to register on springer.com, give course/university/teaching information and receive validation in order to get any free textbooks or Instructor Services including supplementary materials from Springer. The instructor or his agent must submit bone fide credentials documenting his status—such as the university web site featuring the instructor, OR a non-student .edu e-mail address, OR a picture identification card, OR a confirmation with official address/emblem from the Academic Department.
  2. E-books known as Online Examination Copies (OEC) in PDF are the first format that Springer provides to instructors free of charge who want to evaluate a book for possible course adoption. OEC textbooks have Digital Rights Management (DRM) and are time-limited to 30 days. There is no limit to the number of OECs an instructor can download.
  3. Print books are not provided if there is an OEC.
  4. Free print copies (also called desk copies) are available in limited quantity for adopted Springer books on mandatory course reading lists. Instructors or their agents must complete an online Free Desk Copy Form on springer.com. Previous forms are no longer accepted and all applicants will be directed to the current online form.
  5. Springer does not approve free copies for all books and reserves the right to limit the number of copies and titles any one person or institution may receive.
  6. Full versions of software or CD-ROM’s are not available as free copies.
  7. Forms and instructions for complying with this policy are posted on www.springer.com/instructors.
  8. This document supersedes all previous policy documents regarding Springer’s textbook examination policy.